If you don’t get help at Charter, get help somewhere

I am a recovering alcoholic, and even after eight years of sobriety, my anger gets the best of me and I start ranting.  I say hurtful things, mostly to family members, because I feel threatened, disrespected and hurt.  But I have to learn, they cannot give me what I need which is love and self-acceptance and that life is okay today, even if my dreams don’t come true .  irritable, discontent and self-absorbed are how the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous sees it.    To an alcoholic, there is never enough: enough love, enough money, enough prestige, enough, sex, enough name it.  Being content with what I have and accepting life on life’s terms. and forgiving people.  that’s another reason I go into rages, is because I haven’t forgiven them even though what they did is forgivable. like I am so perfect myself.  Resentments are the number one cause of drinking.  I had to forgive my father, mother and even my sister for what she does to me and how she hurts me.  Forgive me the scripture, but (heavenly) Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing comes to mind.

Mel Gibson needs to forgive someone and stop thinking he is so high and mighty.  and obviously his religion isn’t working for him. It wasn’t working for me either.  I was singing in the choir, going to bible study, being little miss goody goody Christian, all the while drinking and hating.  It wasn’t until I got into AA that I got to be honest and really shared what I thought about God and others and it’s hard to describe, but God is a big God and can handle our doubts and by the way God isn’t limited by a religion–it’s a spirituality and an inner guidance system.

I know this article is about Mel gibson but I also think of Lindsey  Lohan and how she thinks she is running the show and running away from reality and hurting other people and is encircled by enablers.  I hope she gets the help she needs.  I hope that for every alcoholic or drug addict or hurt person out there.  Be willing to take the risk to get help and to get a better life.  It’s either death or jail, or even worse, a living death where nothing makes sense.  I wouldn’t go back there again, my life has purpose and meaning and I am of service to others.

DUI, woman driving wrong way has history of DUIs


Go ask alice

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