dominion over the weather

I read a lot of Emmet Fox and he talks about how we human being have dominion over the weather.  It’s raining here in southern California, like really raining and Emmet Fox says it’s because there is this collective belief that it is supposed to rain and so we attract it.  Kind of like how people in New England planted the trees they planted so that the leave would change color during the autumn and it is this collective thought.  If you go to a geographical area, you will notice the people hold a belief system about that area.  It is supposed to be that way, because it is tradition.  But that is just an agreed upon thought.  It can change.  We can have thoughts of warmth and sunshine. Some how we think we have to have rain or snow or seasons.  not that I don’t like the seasons.  I like leaves changing, I like spring, winter is hard, and summer can get too hot, but i like the change of seasons.  just don’t like the rain.

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