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My Emmet fox Devotional today

so nothing outside of you can take your joy:   Truth: The Religion of Joy Frank B. Whitney   Truth, the message of Jesus Christ, is a religion of joy. The mission of Jesus was to give to the world … Continue reading

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I just had coffee with cinnamon in it and began to think of the health benefits of cinnamon.  This comes from may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood, One study … Continue reading

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less of the lunatic

so I went to an AA meeting last night and we talked about how going to the meetings and sharing our deep dark secrets keeps the lunatic away.  I remembered the song the Lunatic by Pink Floyd: by the way, … Continue reading

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sunday haiku: release your clutches

dark morning sunrise exercise so I can breathe release your clutches   sunrise does not stay the children laugh while playing sounds of exhaling

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willingness, spiritual housecleaning, women and car repair

so yesterday I was in an anti-materialistic mood because the media and captains of industry have hypnotized us into thinking we need to make a mad dash for the mall and shop. Fine, I understand that those who are working … Continue reading

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Black Friday hypnotism

what is with people? pepper spraying and shooting people at Wal-Mart? the media brainwashes people thinking they must shop on this day.  and  I hate the materialism and the school being closed.  save money and make gifts.

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gratitude list

sounds corny, but this is my gratitude list for today: roof over my head food to eat (which may include baking chocolate chip cookies later) got to play piano since school is closed went running and worked out and walked … Continue reading

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