fake, fibroids, coming home

another fear I used to have is being found out that I am a fake. I would tell lies about how great I am and how I’ve done this and went there and knew that person and I was on stage and everyone loved me and I’m rich and, blah, blah, blah… what a liar! I was nothing and still am. I am some chick who plays the harp, is in paralegal school, got a bachelors degree thanks to a grant and days at the library and the only reason I held on to a job is because I kept showing up and I guess they were too scared to fire me because I have rage issues.  Except I did get fired from a university because the dean was an extremely insecure woman who was incompetent at her job. That’s okay though, I didn’t really like the job anyways and went on to be there for my mom.

I looked up alternatives to fibroid treatment.  I found this site about alternative surgery and also these medications. I am going to try it and go on a raw food diet and see how that works.  I believe in saving the parts we were born with.  New International Version (©1984)
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

New Living Translation (©2007)
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I read something form Louise Hay about how our fear of being homeless is really because we are not at home with ourselves. that once we are at home with ourselves and our place in the world, we are okay.

I love myself, therefore I provide for myself a comfortable home, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in.

I fill the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, myself included, will feel this love and be nourished by it.

I love myself, therefore I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses all my talents and abilities, working with and for people that I love and love me, and earning a good income.

coming home

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