harp farts

just because I am a harpist, I don’t go around thinking that butterflies fly out of me butt when I fart! Sorry if I was snobby. Wrote letter to harp teacher about run-in saturday.  What a snobby professor. and the reason it bothers me is because I caught the “I feel less than” ball.  I need to throw that ball back!

Great articles about harpist who also swims:

Swimming harpist

the article talks aobut how she was voted out of orchestra when they came into financial difficulties and had to cut performers. she called it cannibalizing.  this part stuck out to Me:

My symphony responsibilities are not what they use to be. After being full-time for 24 years, two years ago the orchestra shut down for a period of time, our Board threatened the orchestra with Chapter 7 bankruptcy unless the musicians cannibalized their own. My colleagues then voted about a dozen of us out of our jobs and I was one voted out. The sad part was that going into the vote, the list was published so everyone knew whether he or she had a job prior to the vote. Our Board of Directors had no trouble signing off, and I found myself losing a career that I had known since age 15. That said, if I wished to use my training, instruments, and play anything challenging again, I had to return to that same orchestra and play on a per-service basis. Honestly, I love the tunes, love to play, but it is still very difficult for all of us voted out to have to return and play with those who voted us out of our jobs. We are ignored for the most part.”

the part about being ignored…

Surrender, James Bond Theme sung by kd lang. kd’s credit appears at 2:53.


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