violence against women

current statistic and information from women Under Siege.

Lean In, about leadership among women by Sheryl Sandberg. I think women play weak sometimes because they don’t want to be accused of being masculine, bitchy or aggressive.  Guess what? It’s okay to be masculine bitchy and aggressive-it’s freaking 2013, not 1930!!!


What society really needs right now is a guru to show more women how to start their own new ventures–whether it is one-person professional services businesses, fast-growing tech startups, charter schools, or nonprofits–in the areas where they have passion and expertise.

More women would probably consider business ownership if they had a chance to learn ways to reduce the risk–like launching a new venture part time while you’re still employed and teaming up with a partner who has skills you lack. We neglect entrepreneurship education in this country, except at the college level, but it’s something we should be embracing from elementary school on up, even if it’s simply by inviting business owners from the community to talk about what they do at schools. More young people of both sexes need to have exposure to alternatives to corporate life.

If every woman who is worn out by an unappreciative employer decided to withdraw her talents–and reinvested her brainpower and energy in her own venture, whether for profit or nonprofit-we’ll have a real revolution on our hands. Not all of these women would succeed. But a lot of them would. And the confidence they would gain would fuel a lot of other changes that corporate America will never make.


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