so the real estate lady came by and we started staging the house.  She told me she went to the same church as me. so maybe that is a sign that divine guidance is in this. I need to get keys made and take down the curtains and hide some valuables. I talked to one of the guys at the gym this morning. I asked him if he would help me move something and if he would act as security. He’s a big bodybuilder guy and is familiar with sociopaths so all he has to do is stand there and look intimidating and keep my sister away form me so she won’t pull crap. I odn’t think she will. I honestly bleieve she will just come to get her money and she can actually have a majority of the stuff. I will only keep what is of sentimental value and wha tI want to take. I plan on traveling lightly.  I think I will live with someone over the summer and visit Portland and Denver and from there, land a little while, finish school and work to get that cash flow going and then go from there.

oh and I will get my own harp. It will manifest at the right time.

Life opens up!


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