I just love people who spout advice without knowing the full story or without knowing who you really are and what your dreams are and what you’re about and how you’ve changed throughout the years.  I have a friend who is ALWAYS tired because she tries to pack too much life into too little time and hasn’t spoken to me in two months because I was pissed off that she told me to take my dog to the vet and now the dog is dead, but that worked out, since I am selling the house and cannot worry about the dog. Anyways, I will keep an open mind about moving back to florida, but the thing is, car insurance is four times what it is here and why would I go back to the other side of the country with no job, no place to live with higher car insurance and no mountains?  anyways, I am looking at cities in California as well as Oregon. I’ll visit Denver and Golden and maybe bring closure but I don’t know if I can go through those Colorado winters anymore.  you can’t recreate the past, not do I want to.


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