The Good Daughter

I think my sister is stalking this blog. I know that she has several identities on facebook and spies on people, so I wouldn’t put it past her to be spying on me. kind of stalker/psycho-ish but that’s her. On my dash board, I can see what terms people have used to find me and my real name was on there.  well, it was my real name and lesbian. I told you before how I am a Christian who has same-sex attraction. I am also a recovering alcoholic, but I don’t act on that either. If you are a lesbian, I have no judgement; I know what it’s like and I let people make their own choices. She is looking for stuff to find fault with me so she can use it against me to hurt me or sue me. This from the woman who has had affairs, used my mother for money, wrote vitriolic, vicious emails, never apologized and uses emotional terrorism to feel powerful.  Isn’t that a sad world to live in? I actually want her to get help: to forgive people, to be grateful and have a sense of fulfillment instead of greedy and feel like she is lacking inside. She is lacking inside because I guess our father took off when she was a kid and she had a really insecure childhood and never took the steps to get over her childhood trauma.  If you are in pain, don’t commit suicide or hurt others, get help.  I changed. I went into recovery, I am learning to forgive people. Chuck Swindoll had a great sermon on this this morning. forgiving.

Gratitude lists instead of greedy lists of demands.

Coming clean and confession rather than deception, lying and hypocrisy;

making amends and apologies which may lead to inner peace, instead of making excuses which leads to prozac.

letting go of the need to control instead of being on a power trip.

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