red tomato as metaphor for childhood trauma

so German expressionism isn’t exactly easy to understand, but when he cuts the red tomato, that is the metaphor for his childhood trauma.

just like attacking, being critical, accusing and hurting another is a symptom that the person who is doing these actions, is hurt and in pain inside.

On the harp, I play the Divertissements by Caplet, both the Francaise and the Espagnole. They were written between World War 1 and 2, when the country was still in a depressed PTSD state and Caplet tried to lighten it up a bit. There is part in the Espagnole version where it reminds me of Peter Griffin beating up a giant chicken. Pacaw!!

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1 Response to red tomato as metaphor for childhood trauma

  1. Genaro Rios says:

    You wipe out on your skateboard. The knife you’re using slices your finger instead of the tomato. Your new puppy doesn’t know how sharp his baby teeth are.

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