time and place

everything happens in its time. what happened yesterday gives me time to think things through. I can’t go into detail because I have this feeling my sister is spying on me so she can find fault with me and use it against me, (she does that), but let’s just say this gives me time to think and provides some relief. space and freedom to follow my own road.

Isaiah 30:21-22: “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying, ‘This is the road! Now follow it.’ Then you will treat your idols of silver and gold like garbage; you will throw them away like filthy rags.”

spiritual housecleaning – with my sister taking stuff and getting rid of images, I fell a better energy in the house. out! out! you demons of dysfunction!!  your bullying, intimidation, unforgiveness, grudges, vitriol and fault-finding have no place

also, I want to be in the best place. Denver is still an option. I remembered how we would drive through Morrison to get to Conifer.

also, I re-read this book last night: Becoming a Millionaire God’s way. It was actually very practical about making investments, real estate. stocks and bonds, IRA’s. the usual but also about tithing and service.

@StalkThePeacock I’m sure the sight of that disaster was overwhelming… Service-highest call in life….

when I got home, I went for a quick run and then, when I returned, someone had left fresh groceries at my front door.  Thank you for your kind act. May good come to you.


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  1. thanks i needed this right now cause i am in a very low place in my faith and understanding of this tithing thing….i’ve been in the church for years but am careless with my spending and have created a hole for myself and rent is due tomorrow and my check will be short because of it…thanks for putting it into perspective.

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