all those moments

There is a line in the movie Blade Runner, which is based upon the Philip K. Dick novel do Androids Dream of electric Sheep? Also see: Do Androids Dream of electric Sheep?  where Roy Batty, at the end, when he knows he is dying says, “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” That’s how I feel about now leaving the house and the memories there to move on. I found out last night that escrow may be delayed again and I pitched a fit. Rather, the real estate agent pitched the fit for me and asked that I be reimbursed for the rent I paid of the room and asked for $200 a day every day it is delayed.

the piano buyer is supposed to come this afternoon but I haven’t heard anything. I played this morning both harp and piano. I really want my own harp!

Sarah McLauchlin

but I need money for that, which means I need escrow to close and get the money deposited and start dispersing it.

I am blessed so I can be a blessing.  gotta change for the better. Metamorphosis

I kind of miss From the Heart this morning. The AA meeting in Orlando. I called my friend out there just to connect. Also another girl from the meeting tonight called me back and we got to talk.




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