Generational sins, generational diseases, Genesee Colorado

I heard about Pierce Brosnan’s daughter this morning. She died of ovarian cancer as did her mother and her mother’s mother.  I feel bad for the family, but here’s the thing and a lot of you are going to be upset with what I have to say. We don’t have to inherit the diseases or sins of our fathers. We can break those ties with prayer and with pleading the blood of Jesus and renouncing them. It really is a mind and spirit set.

Believers have power, authority, and protection.

  • Luke 10:17-19

Believers shall cast out demons.

  • Matthew 16:17, 20

regarding diseases, you can plead the blood of Jesus and command the tumours to be dried up and cast out into the sea, but still seek medical attention. you can still command you circulatory system to be renewed but still exercise and take herbs and natural cures.  Some people think it’s a lie. But believe, and you shall be healed.

Genesee Colorado is located outside of Denver and is in the mountains and is where I want to be right now.  


Met with trust accountant. gonna get process started. Going to bank for statements, and paying rent for July so I have a roof over my head while I am traveling.


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