What are words for

this is a lesson I need to learn:  Words

What are Words for?

so I called family friend this morning to tell him plans may be delayed and when I am in a more stable home, I can think about taking trips. The thing is, this  instability is my own fault. I shouldn’t have come off so mean and nasty to her and give orders and act like I own the place; instead. got used to the way things run around there. I  need to make amends. I am checking flights though to Colorado and maybe just taking a road trip to Portland and Denver and the hot springs pool. I have 16 days. I have a harp lesson on the 19th though, so maybe I could split my travels into two. Or find another place and do the road trip. 

Moving, but not going anywhere.  what are you so afraid of?

amazing Grace  I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see.

I hope they find that missing boy. Praying for his being found.

Oh and I am going to double up on classes and try to accelerate my Masters Degree program.


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One Response to What are words for

  1. Everette T. Mcbride says:

    Have you ever wanted to take off for an entire summer driving from one coast to the other? It’s a dream of many who often take this type of road trip right after college or after retirement, but no matter when you decide to travel cross country, it’s always best to prepare first.

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