I am traveling this week end. I’ll try to post pics, or not. Peace

don’t be blinded by the beauty, it’s still the real world.

I left for my flight Friday afternoon parking my car in the heat at the airport parking= $36.00

checked in and went through security, then to gate. waited for an hour but met a nice person who saved me a seat on the flight. The guy next to me brought his computer, so we watched Mission Impossible. His battery died right when the villain girl went out the window.

Denver International airport is a maze!! I was tired and headachy, I made my way onto the tram, into the terminal, onto a shuttle to the Alamo rent a car. 23 dollars a day= $96.00

drove out I 70 to family friends house. His house is beautiful! Southwestern art. spacious, peaceful. The room I slept in was dark and cool. On Saturday, I went running on my old high school track and passed by my old house where I grew up. I found a place called Majestic View ark and it was majestic. I went up to Golden and walked around there too.  From there, I went into downtown Denver down Broadway and found Kolacny music where they have harps for sale. I claimed my harp. It is mine. I played a coupld of songs: Bird on a Wire, Gymnopedie, and short versions of Divertissements.  Broadway is interesting in downtown Denver.  everything from the music store, antiques, art galleries and a place where the artist makes everything out of steel. very macabre looking. speaking of Broadway, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz will be starring in Betrayal by Harold Pinter.   it’s a story about oh, here, read it.

I found a Sprouts in Arvada. Then for dinner we went to Udi’s which is no relation to the gluten free company. though I did get the gluten free mushroom and melted cheese pizza and ate the whole thing while watching a rainstorm.  the band that was playing for the music festival eventually had to pack up and call it a night. My family friend ordered the shrimp fettuccine, but the server made a mistake and he got the risotto. I felt really bad. and he paid!

last night, I saw a spider in  the sink. washed it down the drain, but it kept me up. I got up 5:15 local time and went running on track. walked a little. went to church and read a hymn about having purpose and inventive powers like our Creator and used for a purpose and the many who wander lost in the city streets. All who wander are not lost. I came here for a purpose. I am felling confident about singing up for agencies, finding a place, buying that harp, starting music lessons, working, going to school, going to AA. my mother option is to stay in Cali, find another place to live since it is not working where I am at, find a job, play the school harp, finish school and then come out. More will be revealed.

sorry to hear about Cory Monteith, the actor. must’ve been a dark day.

Psalm 30:5 (NKJV)  For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.


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