tell me how you find Sanctuary

Joel Osteen@JoelOsteen 

You have too much in you to stay where you are. Your destiny is too great to get stuck.

So I have decided to move to colorado. the question now is how and when. I am thinking the end of the month of august. By the way, the Lyon and Healy sale ends August 31st. the Cd at my bank matures August 25th. I put my name on the 12,000 dollar harp. do I leave the 31st? which is a Saturday?

I am meeting with that lady sunday night about staying at her house. I wasn’t thrilled to be here in california this morning because of the fires and the smog and the not getting into school to play the harp. but I have to practice acceptance.

I would love to have everything in place: a job, housing, the harp in my room, AA meetings, a church to go to. Everything already set. How do I go from here to there? Tell me how you find Sanctuary? 


totally unrelated, but not really. Matthew Perry on cory Monteith’s death. once again, if you have a drug or alcohol problem, get help. It’s not just the drugs: it’s the fears, the resentments, the character defects. don’t be afraid of growing. I need to tell myself this.

also he will be hosting Piers Morgan Monday night.


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