move on again

so landlord lady said she rented the place out and I have to vacate the place this saturday. I put out some emergency calls and am looking on the classifieds. I would like to stay the month of august so I can get in those two harp lessons, cash out the money from the Cd and celebrate my 12th year sobriety anniversary. Plus, this gives me time to plan out my move to colorado.  I did answer a couple of ads on craigslist for both here and there.  also, I am not going to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, waste fo time and they’ll just tell me I need a hysterectomy which I am NOT going to get.  Isn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to mean we get insurance without having to worry about a pre-existing condition?  

This could be God’s way though of saying: Go! go now! pack the car, drive out there, find a place, register with agencies, buy the harp, get set up now!   So praying to be put into place and for divine guidance.

Guide Me O though Great Jehovah


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