my place in this world

well, yesterday was a lesson in spinning in circles. Friend and I went to pastor’s house ro see the room and it was a dump. I could not live there. I was in the dumps. Itook Robert home and then went to go see another place that was beautiful, got along with the lady, filled out forms and she said I could move in thursday. For some reason, I am freaking out this morning, like they are going to renege, so I am going by to leave a note and get her phone number so I can move in. Perhaps they will let me move in today and I can cancel the reservation for the Extended stay.  let’s try that.  if it is a go, then I move in, get a job , finish school, play school harp , finish taxes on trust and call family friend. if not, I have two other houses to go see. but I hope my search is over and I will just live there for another nine months. cleaned old room.


My place in this world.


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