Avon calling

Avon Colorado calling: Avon  . I found a room to rent. It is up day Creek in the city where I live; it is a nice place, I am off to the side, gonna stay out of their way.  But deep down inside, I WANT to move to Colorado. Visit the hot springs pool, Denver, Arvada, and go up to the mountains on the week ends and get my own harp


and have my own place or even if sharing, that the roommate is okay with someone who plays the harp. anyways, tomorrow is change of address day and change address with bank. let see how it goes. I still will look for a job. maybe even color my hair, the gray is showing.  Avon lady, maybe that is what I could do: sell Avon.

The Golden Mirror@TheGoldenMirror 9h

We can’t just turn around and change direction. We have momentum. We must slow down, stand still and again accelerate to set a new course.

is that where I am at?

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smart, athletic, musical
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