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The more information you have, the better to make an informed choice.  There are options. I do not have to stay in this house. there is rent-to-own, there is moving in with someone else closer to school, there is making rent payments by credit card so I can establish credit. There is a full time job for me. 2 years. I can give it two years, get a job, establish credit, buy the harp. speaking of harp, the 3rd octave B was frayed and it took me half an hour to change the string. Are you sure you want the responsibility of your own harp? Am I a responsible person?  get car tuned up speaking of maintaining possessions.


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  1. While it can be tempting to hide financial blunders such as bankruptcy, a low credit score or business losses from a potential lender, the truth is that it is impossible to keep this information from a qualified mortgage professional. Not only will you be required to show W-2 forms, tax returns and a credit report, but this information will be verified by the mortgage underwriter. Save yourself time and the embarrassment of being caught in a lie and always provide factual information to a potential lender.

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