alcoholism, drinking and transparency

So the school is closed and that meant I could not get in to play the harp. I went to B&N and read and then to the store for lunch. I told the lady of the house I really want to go to Colorado and that I may fly.  I started eating lunch and told her that at the meeting tonight, I was celebrating my 12 years. She did not get it. She asked why we still had to go to meetings. Because I am an alcoholic who wants to stay sober and somewhat sane!!!! she did not get it. Sorry Sheryl Crow, but no drinking for me tonight.

Sheryl Crow   anyways , I tried to convey to her that I might tell them I am leaving. And wanted to be open about it.  she disappears and the husband (American Dad) comes out and I ask if he is upset and we clear the air that this is all the money I have to live on and I need to work and there are more employment opportunities in Denver and that I need to take care of myself. I really hope they got the message.  Even if it means working at the local fast food restaurant. At least I was honest and who knows, maybe God will move me into something even better and more stable and firm.

oh and trainer had his wife and kid there today. Not subtle. I was not interested in you sexually dude, not even close so do not flatter yourself. My attractions are elsewhere.


Hot again haiku:

weather hot again

pray for precipitation

thirsty land, cry out



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