nice Joshuas and cultured Canadians

the pastor was named Joshua. I haven’t met a bad Joshua yet, Perhaps because it is a biblical name. I follow Joshua Grange on twitter. He plays guitar with kd lang, sheryl Crow, Lera Lynn, others…

Canadians are cultured. It’s something in the water. or the school system because they haven’t cut the arts programs at school, or have they? It looks like even Canada has cut its budget for the arts. Too bad, because the arts are what enriches life.

  sarah McLaughlin Barefoot in the Back yard.

I played the harp this morning. Too many Satie songs in a row makes me pensive and reflective. nNow I know why people move to cities where it rains a lot. Because too much sun depletes it.


Stormy Weather by Lena horne

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