grief, is it worth it

I got up and went running on the track under the stars. showered and saw lady of the house leave. she took off because she is sick of it here too. I went to go work out and then to church where I saw the girl who is helping me find a new place. I listened to the sermon and it was about not being in denial about grief, sadness, anger and remorse.  I am sad that I am not in Denver. anyways, went to Farmers Market where I saw another AA whose daughter-in-law gave birth to a dead baby.  so I tried to comfort him. Went past school where I ran into one of the professors who let me in and I played the harp. then went downstairs and played the piano for a few minutes.  Staying was not worth it. Went to sprouts and girl gave me the bok choy and corn. Came home to loud TV, kids, angry american dad whose wife left him for vegas (maybe she will come back, maybe not). Ate, called friend in Orlando and called possible new rooming situation. I go by tomorrow and if it is copacetic, I am moving in.  I really do want to go to Denver, so I may just give it the semester. one day at a time.

oh, sweet sorrow. Coming Home kd lang

Feels Like Home Sheryl Crow

There is no doubt.  I am never uncertain what to do, for God’s ideas unfold to me continually in perfect sequence, giving joy and happiness. 

A man’s goings are established of the Lord, and he delighteth in his way”  Ps. 37:23

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