myriad theories

Week 3 continues to introduce myriad theories, research and models illuminating conflict and optimally guiding constructive response.  The focus will include intrapersonal variables, or what is within, e.g. values, beliefs and attitudes, particularly common perceptual and cognitive practices with potential for destructively escalating conflict, such as selective perception and denial, as well as intergroup variables emphasizing culture and gender.

In alcoholics anonymous, Bill w. talks about how we alcoholics are ideas and theories galore.  How is that working for you as Dr. Phil would say, how are your ideas and beliefs working for you, got that great life yet?  on page 10, the bib book says that deep inside we know there is a purpose and rhythm underlying it all.  and on page 66, it says men of faith have courage. They trust their God.  Trust. Trust leads to creativity.

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