REGENERATION means building a new mentality; that is, creating a new soul in place of your present one. It does not mean merely improving your present self, it means producing (through the power of God, of course), a new self.
If you do this, everything else in your life will rapidly change for the better. Your health will improve. Your appearance will improve because, …

as you know, the body is but the reflection of the soul. The world around you will be changed because you will be seeing it through a new and better personality. Other people will become much more attractive and friendly to you, and this will be because your soul will be filled with peace, and therefore you will radiate peace, and other people will get it intuitively. Everybody likes peace and harmony and they are attracted to any source from which it comes.

If your heart really is filled with peace “nothing shall by any means hurt you.” But, of course, your heart must be filled with peace and to bring this about you must desire it more than anything else. This will mean forgiving everyone and harboring good will toward all.

Naturally you cannot radiate peace if you do not first possess it within yourself. You cannot radiate anything from the outside. To radiate any quality, that quality must be within yourself. Hypocrites sometimes try to radiate qualities which they do not possess or feel, but they always fail to get results in a very short time.

True peace of mind is the short cut to regeneration which requires a fundamental change in ourselves.

The Master said, Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you.

Emmet Fox (Stake Your Claim)

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