power abuse

so I moved into the new place last night. A friend came over, we hauled ass and moved my stuff. I slept there last night. The next couple of days are going to be an adjustment. Glad to be out of bad religion’s scary dark place. Feeling better already.

posted homework for school. Here is a small part.

Covert Bad Faith and Power Abuse

p. 114

The stability of an institution. I am thinking of how in North Carolina they are trying to take away voting rights among the black community because blacks usually vote democrat.  Also, in West Virginia, there is a war on women’s rights. The republicans want to turn back time  and maintain their institution.

Mediators as pawns:  I think a mediator can be used as a pawn if they allow themselves to be bought or bullied. However, a mediator has a mandate and ethical responsibility to be a neutral third part and be accountable to his or her Ethical Code. 

I really liked the saying “speaking truth to power” and how it is the highest form of persuasion.  

Venting is fine, but not flaming or making derogatory remarks. I personally agree with getting hot anger out but it needs to be re-framed as to what the issue is. I would love to say I do this, but actually I vent and get angry and make nasty remarks to put others down to be in the “up” position.  The issue needs to be the topic of discussion, not the other person’s personality flaws.

on page 117, that paragraph about rage really spoke to me because I have unhealed trauma and that is why when my boundaries are violated or I am hurt, I can go from 0 to 60 on the rage-o-meter.  I need to go deep and heal that space.

Let your yes be yes, let your no be no.  I sometimes violate my own standards and my own ethical code. I do journal, it is part of my recovery.

Speak truth to power.


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