some Christians are loony tunes and go WAY overboard. Some are hypocrites. some are normal. Fortunately,  Amy Grant doesn’t. Here is her song HERE.

played harp and piano this morning. Need to get an electric blanket.

Amendment 66 in colorado

spoke to family friend in colorado last night. Told him I still plan on coming.


The Golden Mirror@TheGoldenMirror 10m

What you get is not about what you deserve, but about what you attract with your attitude towards life.


I think the lesson learned in living with crazy hypocrite Christian lady was that if I drank, I would develop wet brain, that my nasty mean remarks hurt and are just a grab for power and instead of being powerful, I show how pitiful I am, and that the devil masquerades. The halloween outfits aren’t the scary outfits this halloween, it’s the masqueraders and the fakes.

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