what part of respect my privacy do you not understand?  the stay out of my uterus and what I decide to do with it issue or the stay out of my room aspect?


Joyce Meyer@JoyceMeyer 

God’s got you strategically placed. Instead of being itchy to get away from where you’re at see if you’re there for a purpose.

Johari Window: Known to self, what we do know about ourselves, but we have our blind spots which others can see and then we have to be open to feedback. Sometimes it comes in a hurtful package.

Then there are parts we keep hidden and are unknown to others. Privacy issues.  The parts we do not want disclosed. that is why we want our pricavy. Mine is the fear of being shamed.

Carl Rogers promoted authenticity, or sincerity for advancing growth (Johnson 1997), (Erbe p. 75).

My approach to communication is usually fighting but I am learning to couch my words in an assertive non-hostile way.  I speak from the heart.   But my honesty has to not be mean, instead, loving.


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