Know thyself

know thyself

this is what someone posted in the homework section at school. I volunteered to facilitate week 9 in addition to my week 10.


Culture influences one’s behavior and family practices. Culture influences an individual’s health and mental health beliefs, practices, behaviors, and even the outcomes of interventions. Health behavior depends on how one understands the cause of illness. In mental health and medicine, research indicates that culturally-appropriate service improves diagnostic accuracy.




We all carry bias.  What matters is consciousness, humility…..I have had a bald eagle fly within touching distance–so awesome: fierce, alert/attentive, strong, regal…


We are dealing with human beings!” We so often forget this. That we all want love, we all want to be seen, we all want to be heard! Do you see me?


I do not know myself; if I did I would be more secure and see what I need to do to be more confidents in moving to Colorado, securing a job, buying a harp, finding a place to live.  Do the ground work as we say in AA.


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