wounded warrior

I read a book this morning at Barnes and Noble, I don’t go to church anymore. It was by Ann Graham Lotz though and she was talking about being wounded and how deep seated it is and I know that my fibroids are a result of a deep wound that needs to be healed, and that the reason I went through hell house with my former landlady is so that I can see how wounded people hurt others and when she trashed and hurt and tried to intimidate me, I was able to stand up to her and detach.  So I know my deep would goes back to childhood and where my creativity was hurt and I need to creatively express myself and forgive and be healed. hope this makes sense.

wished my nephew a happy veteran’s day.  played the harp and piano today.

kd lang: Wounded in all the Right Places.


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One Response to wounded warrior

  1. Whether we like to admit it or not, deep in the depths of our very heart and soul, we all hold on to some hurt. We have been wounded at some point of our life – either because of rejection, insult, or neglect. But whatever it is, it is unfortunate that these incidents have left us scarred such that we develop insecurities and self-hatred in varying degrees as a result.

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