one day I walk

One Day I walk by kd lang

homework: Do: emphasize and reinforce the positive, help everyone find a voice, give two positives of every suggestion.  do not: embarrass or make fun of, have side conversations or discriminate.

p. 169-170 are about escalating mediation sessions form listening to verbal and physical attacks.

all parties should be able to self-determine; if not, they need an advocate.   Regular and realistic, healing from trauma. Identify priorities, explore options. next steps, is this realistic?

Promote a culture of peace.  p. 167 are the organizations.


South Africa:

Week 11

This week you will view and discuss a documentary of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Process, one important form of restorative justice.  The other most popular approach is victim offender mediation which has proved quite effective with reducing first time juvenile offenders’ reoffending.

In contrast are the U.S. and most countries’ retributive justice systems which focus on punishing offenders.  The theories in the U.S. include that the same or like crime deserves similar punishment and that punishment deters future crime. 

I would like you to discuss both restorative and retributive justice after you view the documentary—both domestic and international.  How should we approach domestic crime?  What is your rationale?  What about international crimes against humanity?  Can you cite 504 theories in support of your perspectives?


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