root of rejection

The root of rejection is behind depression, behind those who are trying to act superior, behind those who put you down and are critical.

I went to the healing rooms and we prayed that I would break agreement and let go of the root of rejection and that I would know I am loved not only by my Heavenly Father but also my friends, my mother, my gramdmother and the family members who are still speaking to me.

I love my sister (agape) love, but cannot tolerate her behavior I keep praying that she would get honest, repent of her actions, and come clean—only then will she find the inner peace and prosperity deep inside.  She hurts me and then wonders why I do not want contact with her.  Because I have a right to protect myself.

Don’t be one of those people who think that taking legal action and bullying and intimidating will get you what you want, it may get you a material possession, but it won’t get you happiness or prosperity.

Forgive, I know it sounds  cliché, but really, stop seeking punishment and going through life with a desire to discredit and prove some sort of superiority.

Nelson Mandela forgave and promoted amends, justice and a higher social condition.  It is no coincidence we are studying him in class right now.  His life is an example, just like your life is an example to those around you.

Finally, our penal system needs to be restorative, not punitive and perhaps we can teach classes or skills in prison so there is not the recidivism. and money needs to be deployed to poverty stricken areas and not just the wealthy areas because education and spirituality is the way up and out.


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