East Coast Time

There is a poem by Billy Collins,   I do not remember the name of it, but he talks about being in LA and is on the 405 Freeway and it is 4:30 and he is struck in traffic and he knows that it is 7:30 in New York, because he is on east coast time.  And his friends are at a bar on Hudson and it is sunset and there is a hue on the Hudson and his friends are talking politic, and other intelligentsia topics. And he always knows what time it is in New York because he is on east coast time.


I slept from 2:30-5:30 yesterday, got up for ten minutes, fell back asleep, got up at 8:30, went back to sleep and for up at 3 ish, went back to sleep. So I slept all day. I needed to. I couldn’t stick with the no diet coke this morning. I got a diet coke and took some Aleve. Feel much better now.   time is a man made system.  there is no time in God’s Kingdom, there are only movements of God.


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