is any of this registering?

I registered for school.  I don’t know the names of the classes but I had the numbers and the permission numbers. I called, I did not do it online. Last time there was a snafu and I spared myself that.  It cost me $1650.  Thank God I have the money to pay for tuition and do something with my life. the teacher asked me and some other students if we would compile our work and post it in the eJournal for the program.  We will be doing that next semester.

I am calling some of the temp agencies to see if I can get any work energy going, even if it is for the holidays. I found out the school is open next Monday and then I think it closes for the holidays. So enjoy this week of playing the harp.

I read a book yesterday. It was by Creflo Dollar.  It was about letting the Holy spirit Guide my decisions about job and finding a job that is according to my values and bailiwick, financial stewardship, and asking god where he wants to me to live, the place that is best for me. Also about work ethic.  something I need to improve upon.  I felt secure. I really believed there was a God and that it is going to be okay if I take some actions.

My post on Matthew Perry gets a lot of traffic.  I am wondering if it is because of Matthew Perry or because of alcoholism.

I would like a sewing machine so I can make harp gowns. That might be a little cottage industry.  also, I wonder if I can build my own home? How much would that cost.  Oh yeah, I need a steady job.

Glass art at Coos Bay Art Gallery


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