I ended the Daniel Fast today.  It was day 25.  I only had to go 21 days.  But I stayed on it because I needed discernment and clarity.  I found a place off of 11th street. It was between that and Christian house in town but the guy grilled me and there was a spirit of crampedness and the other place was way out in the desert-no thanks! I made the right decision. I will have privacy and they were normal. Sometimes Christian try to hard to be perfect and have a pole stuck up their butts because they cannot be free.

So I slept in this morning and ran but did not have a diet soda. I finally got off of the diet coke and had headaches and groggy and do not really want to get addicted again.  But I went to Trader Joe’s and drank coffee with cream and a crescent roll. then to bookstore where I read and prayed for country, city, healing, family, finances, administration of the trust. Also, don’t just be a reader of the word-do it! Act as if you are loving, have the knowledge are wise and powerful. Because you are.  I  then went to Sam Ash and played keyboards since school is closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I played Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, Bird on a Wire, Gymnopedie, My Favorite Things, Something Good and Good Riddance, Time of Your life.

So I said I broke fast and went shopping and got chicken sausage, cheese, vegetables, fruit and cookies. Not sugar, but the ones with fruit pectin.  I do not want to get on the sugar addiction again.  Just like I do not want to drink and get all alcoholic again.  the meeting last night was about emotional hangovers and how too much anger, resentments, fears, and the like can ruin our chances at a happy outlook on life.   Pray for them and let the energy of unforgiveness flow out of you so you can be filled with Divine love and be healed. Nobody owes you anything and to think they do is a poverty mentality. You create your own life.

there was this article in the New york Times about money addiction.  It is pretty good.


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