“May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us,
establish the work of our hands for us–yes,
establish the work of our hands.”

Psalms 90:17

moving back in with the people I used to live with. Played harp this morning.  went to lawyer and got a new bag and told him I turned stuff over to accountant. I am going to ask her about a form I can fill out after this is all done that will release me from legal liability. I have a job interview on Wednesday.

this is Arvada this morning:

Robby Ferrufino Park

Jan. 27, 2014. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)

A student up in Westminister set himself on fire. Lonely, outcast, go out in  a blaze of glory.

I remember this one time I answered an ad on craigslist for a production assistant to help with a video shoot down on the Sunset Strip. so I went there on a Saturday morning and found a parking spot and checked in and the director or producer came up to me and said that the guitarist needed some piece of equipment and I need to run over to guitar city and get it. I had no idea where Guitar city was. He said it was down the street on the strip. Then he gave me money, like cash money. Trusting.  I went and found it and after asking the guy and a few phone calls, got the piece of equipment and had one penny as change.  got back to the bar on sunset, gave the guy the equipment, the receipt and the penny.  So they are shooting the video and a couple hours later I am getting bored and asked if I could go. I was not being paid, it was something to do and I could put it on my resume.   He said yes and that I did the deal.  so I felt I had good karma  and was of actual service that day.


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