As you waste your breath complaining someone is breathing their last…live more complain less.

Today is the 6th anniversary of gramma’s death and second anniversary of mom’s death. I went to the cemetery this morning and put flowers on gramma’s grave and told her to give mom a message but I could feel mom’s spirit in the car and talked to her an apologized and told her I loved her and stuff.  Forgive others and do good so that you have self-esteem and inner wealth and therefore will attract outer wealth.


May peace and prosperity be within my palace walls.

Christ in the kitchen.

I played harp this morning and I like Romeo and Juliet and Largo from the four seasons.  I called cousin and she said I got security deposit back-so that is good.  I need to make nice with landlady because I stole food, soap and wet the rug. not peed on it, but washed it sort of…

homework time.


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