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so this morning I get up to go work out and guess who is right there? Yep, lady of the house who now gets up when I do. I walked by her rather rudely–hope she got the hint. Then later hen I got out of the shower, she comes in to get coffee. Just can’t leave me alone because I am so loveable.  I played harp this morning. I have enough money to buy my own, I just need my own place to put it.  I heard on the radio that California is in the middle as far as unemployment rates but I know that the administration, the policy, the weather, the location has nothing to do with it.  Emmet Fox says that my conditions are the outpressing of my thoughts. So, I have to think of myself as employable.

My other paper is a about the religious business owners in Arizona and the gay and lesbian community.  I really hope I get a good grade.  My next classes, which I still need to register for are: Mediation, Negotiation Tactics and Feminist Movement.

withbryonhamarie7march14_zpsd4dca2ca.jpg hig fest


Joel Osteen@JoelOsteen 17h

You’ll never change what you tolerate. Be determined you are not going to live life defeated, addicted, angry or insecure.


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