Harold and herald

Harold and Maude

say good bye to your family and go on and preach the good news.  It says that in the book of John. I made the choice to leave here after this semester.

go live life.

got in to play the harp and now going to do schoolwork.

Achieving Mindfulness. Conflict is irrational, for the most part, and the ways in which some people react to conflict are equally irrational. A reaction is generally defined as one’s ability to respond to some stimuli. On the other hand, to respond is generally defined as the positive, or appropriate way, to react to some type of stimulus. Thus, to respond is to appropriately react whereas to react may mean that an inappropriate response is given in the face of some stimuli and one’s ability is not that well developed. Mindfulness is the ability to respond to conflict in ways that show a person is communicating with a present-centered frame of reference as opposed to being stuck in a past-centered frame.

There are two attributes to mindfulness as is relates to communication competence:

1. Creating New Categories

2. Cognitive Differentiation

Creating new categories refers to finding positive ideas, or solutions.


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