I do not plan things out. I just did this impulsively expecting it to work out and then get in peril and expect god to save me.  for example, I left Chattanooga this morning and went way past St. Louis and I am driving along and it is getting late and I am hungry and I pray and ask God for a Motel 6.  I found a nice one. It has an indoor pool, and it is right next to the grocery store.  Why didn’t I plan on where to go and make a reservation?  Think things through.


My friend in florida put it bluntly: You don’t really want to work, you just want to play the harp and go to school and la la la land.  But the reality hit.  Yes, I could have stayed in California and avoided all this,  but it is done. so I hope it works out with this lady and that I can just move in.  it will work out. I will be grateful and humble and think of how I can give and that this is only temporary and that she is in the program and I have a new friend.  I do have to go to the bank however and withdraw money to pay rent.I am confident about getting a job now. and I will buy a harp.

My current difficulty will make me stronger and I can overcome.


Don’t let comfort make you lazy. Let the wisdom keep you sane. I let the comfort make me lazy.  But I do not have that luxury anymore.





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