there, almost there

as I said yesterday, I got my schedule which means I have a job and I get paid tomorrow. UPDATE: got paid and got lost downtown trying to find the Bank ATM and it was broken. So I went to another bank and opened an account there. Deposit for harp is in, UPDATE: I called and asked him to put another payment down for the harp. I may finance through Allegra to establish credit or I may pay it off.  and I emailed school secretary to make sure class was a go before I registered.  She said yes. Classes start 09/15. set up a harp lesson for sunday.  I had argument with roommate about blinders being open and everyone being able to look in.  She has different habits but do not call me names or accuse me of being passive aggressive, that is not the issue. Besides like attracts like and I am not the first roommate she has not got along with and and she is not the first roommate I do not get along with. Fairness please.  I think I am going to go ahead and move closer to work. to do: go to work, register for class, go to DMV and register car, pay off harp. We are getting there. We are here, now, but working, going to school, paying off a harp looking for a place closer to work. We all want happy lives but have to take an action to get there. It all works out for good. Romans 8:28


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