Build your life around your passion

the Healers Journal


also, ordered books for school:

  • Dana, Conflict Resolution, McGraw-Hill (Briefcase Books) ISBN:0-07-136431-5
  •  French, Bell, and Zawacki, Organization Development and Transformation: Managing Effective Change (6th Ed.) McGraw-Hill Irwin (2005) ISBN: 0-07-248167-6

also put $2000 more dollars down for the purchase of the harp.


Joshua Grange on Lera Lynn:

‘The Avenues’ from Lera Lynn is available today. I’m very proud of this record. And I’m proud of her. She’s the real deal, making the music she hears in her head, defying the prevailing Nashville (and music in general) corporate culture. I feel strongly that this is the way to a lasting success in music.

-Make the music you want to, music that is true to what you believe. Fans will follow that truth because it is sadly lacking today and they desire it.
-Remain unaffected by fleeting (usually horrible) trends.
-Don’t write solely to try and hit that magic bullshit bullseye of a current radio or hit song as dictated by record executives, the people with the purse-strings, who by and large remain completely uncreative and operate from a fear based, follow the money mission which perpetuates a (mostly) stale and unbelievably bad (Have you heard country radio?!?!) music culture.
-Do this (and be bad ass) and fans will recognize and reward you for it and hopefully make it possible for an artist to continue making many more of these important works.

I feel elated to be part of music that is wrenching the power and beauty of music from the hands of those who pervert it in the name of greed and moronism. Yes, moronism. Enjoy!

met with two possible roommates yesterday. was not thrilled with the first place but it is in a good location; the second place was fancy, fancy but expensive. so I keep searching. The right and true place is waiting for me.



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