Denver Botanic Gardens

I am going to the Botanic Gardens tomorrow on my day off.  UPDATE:  went this morning and bought a Chihuly calendar for a co-worker. then walked around Capitol Hill. Prayed about my own housing and job. \

Paying off harp. will do that on Tuesday and pay rent tomorrow as well. Looking for a better job, pays more, not as stressful, get Sunday off. also moving out of her house at end of December. UPDATE: she came home and I told her about the attack of conscience and the ill feeling in my stomach about not being on the lease. I asked her not to threaten me and perhaps we could live in harmony. So, I am here until the end of December. She gave me a heater to use when it gets cold.I want to hang my possessions and have my own place. Creative Expression. Need to get gorilla glue to fix plate.


finished homework, emailed jellman but he sent it back and wants how sue Bossy confronted Joe High and the form he has to fill out.


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