accidents, wrong addresses

So I  went down to Trader Joes to have some sort of structure in my life and I spilled the coffee. I then went to find the Colorado Department of Education which, its website says is across the street from the state capitol, but when I went inside, they told me it was elsewhere. I decided not to get certified and i wrote the lay at the academy and told her. so that tells me to only sub there. I create catastrophes o reinforce my belief that I do not want to be in Colorado, but until I learn to love and accept my home, and bring about a change of attitude, I cannot move or god cannot move me.  this was a journey to learn.

UPDATE:  Harp came in, ready to be delivered. Read Gabrielle Bernstein, Beth Moore, and Stormie Omatian-praying to be healed, blessed and to get out the toxins inside me, both spiritual, emotional and physical.

I then went to Barnes and Noble and read Louise Har Heal Your Life. It is not a Christian book, but I need help. It talks about pain and why is this pain in my body?  Mine is in my uterus which represents home. I need to love and approve of myself, I need to be at home in my body, I need to appreciate my current home, I need to look at any lingering resentments or fear. I need to let go of accidents, ached, wrong addresses and punishment.


i need to find my way home


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