I love and respect myself therefore, I now have a fulfilling career that uses my creative abilities, intelligence and skills ans I work with smart, kind and dynamic people.  I am week-compensated for this, way above the income of my mother. Did I mention my income grows substantially every few months.

I love and respect myself, therefore, I now have a beautiful and affordable one-bedroom apartment or condo that I have furnished and decorated and  it is a place of peace, love, conflict resolution, growth and safety.


I love and respect myself, and approve of myself, therefore, my relationships are honest, communicative, kind and loving. I release the need to have toxic people in my life who bully and hurt me. that was my childhood pattern that I have recreated as an adult, but I now release the need for it and am secure and trusting enough to allow new relationships into my life.  I love and respect myself, therefore, I use discernment with whom to engage and with whom not to.

I went to church and the sermon was about giving and being blessed, but also about praying for the happiness of those who curse you and praying for those who hurt you.


My homework is about workplace violence. I am a healer. all those temp jobs taught me to create order out of chaos. Help me Lord put my life in right order. God, save me from being angry, this is a sick person, how can I be helpful and kind?  I pray for the fruits of the spirit to be upon me: love, gentleness, kindness, faith, and self-control.  But secretly Lord, bless me and get them would ya?


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