be still

so yesterday I went to U Haul, got lost on the way there, and took everything out of U Haul and now it is in my car. I need to get the car washed. I stopped my an apartment complex yesterday and am going to see about renting an apartment and just staying in albQ. I want to give up. I stayed again in that hotel in Bernalillo, ate an omellete and went to bed. didn’t really get a good night’s sleep. I am kind of worn but I need to go on. I am trying not to get the crazies,  but I need to sit still and ask for direction. I am going to the apartment today to ask and then putting all my stuff in storage. I don’t think I will go on to CA unless God and the universe dictate otherwise. Also, I had that phone interview yesterday. Good job but I wont hear anything until after thanksgiving.


Perhaps I should look on craigslist and see what is out there. Crazies are out there. This time, I choose differently.


gonna check homework.


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