B paper

The professor gave me 10 out of 25 on my paper, saying it was confusing and didn’t meet criteria. I tried to argue a little, but it looks like I got a B in the class.  He said he will re-read it. Just five more points.  I am out of it.  I ate thanksgiving dinner with family I am staying with and then went to a meeting.


Sometimes you have to go through the worst, in order to get to the best. Hang on.


I am not thrilled about moving in with Lorie and her boyfriend. first, they are not married yet sleeping together, also, I am not so into moving into someone else’s place, and third, this security deposit has me a little reticent because I have been burned and am now cautious. I think we need to talk some more and that there be more knowledge and information and truth before I had over any more money.


gonna stop by this afternoon. emailed my sister wishing her happy t day and christmas.  pigged out this morning. I should have fasted but i was hungry and ate two breakfast burritos.  only vegetables tonight.  I can stop avoiding now.


there is a solution to every problem.


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