to da, to do

I found out yesterday that I am still on the county medical services so I am going to the emergency room today. My nephew emailed me back and said he was diagnosed with Chron’s disease. I don’t know what that is but it can’t be good. It’s all the stress. We talked about how you need credit in this life to survive.  I was supposed to go to a 2:30 interview at Chipotle, and I hope I am out in time. Also, I stayed at the Best Western again but am getting sick of their breakfast and am going to try to eat some vegetables this afternoon.


I did go see those places. the lady in Rancho was nice but I could tell she was a real stickler and kind of has a stick up her butt. Yes, I do run the heater at night to stay warm. and then she is all worried about the harp.  How petty. How petty to keep your false beliefs and not let go of them. What false belief do I need to let go of to be freer.


I am registering for school definitely tomorrow if not today.


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