staples and papers

I went to the hospital and got the staples removed. they pinched and tugged but we got through it. doctor said she is going to refer me to radiation and chemo. I do not mind losing my hair. Also, I went to the gym and tried to hang upside down because that is good for the lymphatic system. they took out the lymph nodes, that is why I am swelled. Better today.

Let go of self-hate & know that God created you with His own hand in your mother’s womb.

I really want to start playing the harp again.  I have to call the music store and tell them and ask about my harp.  In the meantime, I am working on my papers for school. I’ll post a rough draft:

We reviewed theories and processes and looked at negotiation processes such as BATNA, ZOPA (Zone of possible agreements) and reservation points-when we need to hold back. There are a myriad of negotiation processes (Menkel-Meadow, Schneider,, 2006).

We negotiate with family members, with merchants at a garage sale, with employers over salary and benefits and if we are a member of a union, we do collective bargaining. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists ( or do we?) (Gerhke, J, ¶ 1). Hostage situations usually negotiate because they want something. BATNA, as we learned from Fisher and Ury (p. 97) is the best negotiated agreement. ZOPA, which is similar, is a bargaining range. For example, at a garage sale, a seller wants to sell the clock for $5.00. However, the buyer will pay only $3.00. They bargain. The seller says $4.00, take it or leave it. The seller must then make a choice: $4.00 or nothing.

Distributive bargaining is more of a “divide the pie” (Marzek, E. ¶1). “Distributive negotiation is appropriate in “divide the pie” situations, when there is a fixed amount of resources and whatever one party gains, the other party loses.” This differs from Fisher and Ury’s win-win scenario (p.56).

An integrative bargaining situation occurs when it’s possible to produce a greater outcome together than either could reach on his own (Marzek, E. ¶3). This is more a win-win (Fisher, Ury,, p.56) scenario. If a person is a member of a union, there is a collective bargaining agreement where the union and the management of a business negotiate about salary, benefits, contracts and length of contract, as well as what is expected by both parties.


Roommate asked if I got a job and I told her I might apply for disability but I don’t want to. I want to find a good job where my skills, education and experience can be contributed and I am well-compensated for that. I need to let go of the need to be dependent upon system. I really do want disability, but I know God and society want me to work.

Had two bagels with cream cheese this morning. tomorrow is the 10th and I start the Daniel Fast. so enjoy today.


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