car accident

I got into a car accident this morning. I didn’t stop in time and bashed into a truck.  he let me use his phone to call insurance and an adjustor is to come and look at the car to see if it is reparable or totaled. then she called the two truck company and Enterprise rent-a-car. thank God for insurance!! both the hospital stay and car.  the car is at copart I have to call insurance to make sure the adjustor knows where it is at and we go from there. there is supposed to be a way to track my claim online but it didn’t let me. If the car is totaled, i get a settlement and may have to get a new car.  today was supposed to be different. Something inside said go to the temp agency and register, but I didn’t listen and went and got my bagels. Listen to that little hunch, that is my suggestion.  I need to act upon it.


I am working on my course review for class now: Becoming more reflective and discerning when disseminating information.  ring, ring-it’s for you!

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